About Us

Who Are We?

A community of gamers with different roots coming together to play social and competitive games to strive to be better at games and to learn from everyone around us.  To make friends and hang out after a hard days work.  If you don't mean our community harm then you are welcome here.  We don't discriminate. 


Our Mission

To create a fun and enjoyable experience within social gaming that allows players to experience the feeling of true Virtual Community.  Players working together to improve how games are played, playtested and improved.  As consumers it isn't only our job to enjoy a game but to help developers by sharing what needs to be improved to make things better for everyone.  This takes the right team and mindset to want change and to work hard for it.

Experience Matters

I'm the chief engineer and creator of [ESG]. I have always enjoyed building things and I began at a young age to be interested in hardware because I wanted to have the best PC at that time to run World of Warcraft.  Since then I have experimented with building, diagnosing and fixing all sorts of things.  A few years ago I decided to learn about software and networking so that I could build quality dedicated game servers that were more reliable to the consumer and wouldn't lag going forward into unreal engine 4.   I've helped design game assets and textures in photoshop as well as game modifications, I am new to web design to please forgive me if my site isn't perfect!  I'm very social by nature and love the idea of connecting gamers in better ways online so you're always questing with new and interesting friends!  I've also built over 20 computers from the ground up with delicious hardware bits!  Ask me any questions you have about building a new gaming PC for a budget or configuring your current one for over clocking or high performance.  If you ever have an error with your PC im always happy to remote in and diagnose if you don't know how when I have some down time and to help you learn more about tuning your gamer PC. So don't be shy, drop me a line, anytime.

Our Story So far

Some veteran members here have been around for quite some time.  We come from  a community that used to be known as BlueStar which I created,  Our hopes is that our new community EmberStone will bring more players into our community and involved in fun events, challenges and helping each other improve our gameplay and see gaming as a fun competitive sport that we can all learn from.  We have had many admins in the past which I would like to personally thank for all their hard work and dedication.  Thank you all for playing!

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We would love to hear your ideas and feedback for our community!  we're always looking for players we can trust to join our team and make the community all it can be.  We look forward to hearing from you!