Dark & Light Server Info
Server Status: ONLINE

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Basic Info

  • Overall Rates: 5x (better dino harvesting)
  • PVP: Enabled
  • Offline raiding Discouraged
  • crop growth: 5x
  • structure resistance buffed
  • max structures for base: 8000
  • gamma: enabled
  • show combat numbers: enabled
  • 3rd person: enabled
  • Show crosshair: enabled
  • Longer days and shorter nights

Player Info

  • EXP 5x
  • Gather 5x
  • Max level 100
  • Hunger and Thirst Stats buffed
  • stamina stat buffed
  • Most player stats buffed from 10 to 25 points per level

Dino Info

  • EXP 3x
  • better stats weight + stam
  • Taming Rate 5x

Mod Info

Mods coming soon ^^

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