Purchase Points

Purchase Ark Points

We accept all major credit cards through Paypal checkout.  All points will be delivered to your character in game shortly after donation.  We are working on API features that will allow for instant point delivery very soon.  You can ask for a refund at any time.  This money is not meant to be pay 2 win but helps provide the money to host the products that we offer.  Thanks for understanding that creating a good community with many features isn't free.

Note:Please include in game name/steam name in the notes when donating so we know who to send the points to right away :)

600 Points
1 Free Admin Dino Color
7 Days Money Back Guarantee

x20 All Dye Pack

3,300 Points
Unlimited Admin Dino Coloring
x1 Mastercraft Saddle of Choice

7 Days Money Back Guarantee

x100 Dye Pack

Your name on server UI thank you page


Recruit A Friend

A fun way to earn points is to recruit a friend to play on the server.
You will both earn 500 points this way.  This can be done once every 24h by each player.
To redeem your points simply...
1.Have your friend download our Mod pack Here by clicking subscribe all+ and then have them join the server
2.Ask them to type "I was recruited by 'your name'" in Global
3.Ask an admin to redeem your points

Monthly Subscription

Hi, My name is Ryan a.k.a. Blaze, I work around the clock to ensure that our game servers are the most quality they can be through user feedback and playtesting on our test realms for stability and complex settings and options.  I also work to develop this website and handle most in game glitches and rule breaking.  This can be difficult to handle and is a full time job.  By sending me 5$ a month you will help me to pay the 150$/month upkeep cost of renting a powerful dedicated server capable of doing all that we do at ESG as well as the cost of proper advertising for the community to help us grow.  Your support means the world!  thank you for consideration.

5$ Subscription Bonus
2,000 pts a month
free mystery dino 1x a month
your name on in game UI thank you page
1 Personal admin adventure tailored to your personal taste each month
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We would love to hear your ideas and feedback for our community!  we're always looking for players we can trust to join our team and make the community all it can be.  We look forward to hearing from you!