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Ragnarok Server

Server Status: ONLINE
Wiped 8/20

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Island Server

Server Status: ONLINE
wiped 8/25

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Basic Info

  • Maps: Cluster Ragnarok & Island
  • custom server UI Press "DEL" key in game to view UI.
  • Overall Rates: 7x (better dino harvesting)
  • PVP: Enabled
  • ORP: Enabled 15min timer
  • Cave flying: disabled
  • Cave building: enabled
  • S+ tables all set to 5x crafting speed
  • s+ foundation range extended one
  • S+ pull range 50 Foundations!!
  • S+ elevators super fast and carry 3x more weight
  • crop growth: 10x
  • structure resistances buffed
  • Max platform saddle limit: 3x higher
  • max structures for base: 7000
  • show combat numbers: enabled
  • 3rd person: enabled
  • Show crosshair: enabled
  • Longer Days Shorter Nights

Player Info

  • points system, earn 100 points per hour (25 per 15min)
  • EXP 7x
  • Max level: 200 (Custom level curve) & dino Tames max @ lvl400 after EXP
  • Tribe Size: 20
  • Hunger and Thirst Stats buffed
  • stamina stat buffed
  • Improved stats per level: Weight,Stamina,Health,crafting speed,resistance
  • Max tribe dinos: 500

Dino Info

  • EXP 7x
  • better wild dino colors
  • decayed dinos claimable
  • stam drains half as fast
  • weight per level increase
  • allow multiple attached c4: enabled on ground dinos
  • Taming Rate 7x
  • Egg hatch 10x
  • Maturation 16x
  • cuddle interval 20minutes
  • anyone can imprint
  • wild carnivores damage buff
  • overall dino spawn rate 1.5 (More dinos everywhere yay!)
  • 5x damage when harvesting
  • raid dino feeding: Disabled (titan non permanent)
  • allow flying stamina recovery: enabled

Mod Info

Download ALL mods BEFORE trying to join the server or you will have errors connecting
View EmberStone Mod pack


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