Ark Server

join our 5x Ragnarok server with great mods and features.  Custom API so you'll earn points over time to spend on our shop or mini game areas
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Dark&Light Server

Check out the new Early Access magic survival game on our 5x server.  Many tweaked stats to give a better gameplay experience.
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Starbound Server

Join in a wonderful and creative 2D platformer building game with our vanilla server.  max party size 10
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 Join Our Steamgroup to help stay informed about upcoming features and events.
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New Site Features

  • Working on team page
  • forums in progress
  • adjusting some art and info on home page

Ark Server Recent Changes

  • NEW SERVER Island Map clustered Aug 25th
  • Servers Sponsored on Topark
  • Level increased to 200 & dino level increase to 400 max exp
  • New Activity Center construction in progress
  • Turrets and dino stats balanced

DNL Server Recent Changes

  • Tamed dinos, wild dinos and humans have undergone balance tweaks to damage health and XP.
  • structure auto decay enabled
  • Player cap is now 120

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We would love to hear your ideas and feedback for our community!  we're always looking for players we can trust to join our team and make the community all it can be.  We look forward to hearing from you!