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Every player has to stay up to date regarding Server Rules, Ignorance is no excuse.
Infractions of the Rules may result in temporary or permanent ban for players on an individual level.  We realize Tribes sometimes disagree.  You are accountable for your actions.

General Rules

1 ☆ No Excessive drama in global chat, please keep this chat fun and lighthearted.  This means no racism, sexism or real life threats.

2 ☆ Don't build in glitch areas inside or under the map, or mesh. This includes blocking drops.
ALL your structures will be wiped.

3 ☆ Clean up excess structures you are not using to help with server lag. This includes spiked walls, or unused outposts. Also, this includes foundations and pillars not attached to base structures.

4 ☆ Don't cage for longer than 24h

5 ☆ Don't build on or close to obelisks.

6 ☆ Don't block underwater or cave drops from spawning.

7 ☆ No boobytrapping offline bases, ORP is important to us.

Building Rules

1 ☆ If you build your base in a resource intensive area, or blocking a cave entrance then you will not be protected from foundation wiping.  Build here at your own risk.

2 ☆ For server stability reasons we ask that your tribe not build more than 3 main bases.  1 wyvern / griffin trap per tribe. outpost and waterfront docks are OK.  2 oil & water pumps per tribe

3 ☆ All unnecessary structures have to be removed immediately after they served their purpose (i.e. barricades, taming structures, campfire, sleeping bags, raid outposts, etc.) Tribes found guilty of breaking this will be put on cleanup duty.

Raiding Rules

1 ☆ No Offline Raiding!  Once a cooldown timer has started on a base structure, do not attack it unless that tribe has combat logged.

2 ☆ No Foundation wiping.  If a base is blocking a cave entrance then you are permitted to break this structure to enter the cave and take out whatever turrets you need to in order to safely enter the cave.  If a base is built in a resource intensive area then you may be permitted to wipe and fight for this spot.  Please ask an admin if you unsure of your building location or build at your own risk.

3 ☆ If your tribe has been raided recently, you can ask an admin for a 3 day cooldown starting exactly when the CD is issued.  If this Tribe starts a raid on any other Tribe then the Cooldown will be Eliminated.
note: Extended cooldowns may be given in rare cases of extreme raid or destruction or repeated aggression of two tribes. 

     Active Tribe Cooldowns will be posted in the Discord chat "Tribe_Cooldowns"

4 ☆  Open PVP is allowed at any time but if a Tribe is on Cooldown, we ask that you do not PVP them at or around their base.  This is a 100 foundation range around their base.  No sniping into their base or dropping dinos.

5 ☆ Do not combat log unless you have a real life emergency. If a tribe combat logs then you are allowed to continue your raid until their ORP timer kicks in to loot/damage base.
Note: Waiting for the tribe to log out and the timer to start before beginning a raid is considered "Offline Raiding". This is not allowed.

6 ☆ Do not Raid an Admin Event Structure.  This is a serious offense as it can lead to the delay of Events or Loss of Event Rewards

7 ☆ Do not Raid new players.  This includes players under level 50 or small tribes/solo players that have been here less than 3 days.

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